Maintain and improve older patients’ health by making better medicines available with the objective, along with better medication practices, to treat and prevent diseases effectively while increasing their health, compliance and consequently independence leading to efficient use of the economical resources of the health care systems.

Mission and Aims

The Geriatric Medicines Society e.V. aims to raise the awareness of the urgent need to stimulate and facilitate the development and provision of age appropriate medicines that older patients can easily and safely take.

The Geriatric Medicines Society e.V. ambition is  to be an interdisciplinary platform and network for all disciplines involved in the research and development, manufacturing, distributing, prescribing, utilizing and financing of medications with the objective, taking into account  healthcare needs of older patients, to enhance compliance and safety, independence and health.

The Geriatric Medicines Society e.V. promotes scientific research in medication dedicated to older adults from drug discovery to medication management by the patient taking into account specificities and needs of the population and addressing as well education, training and professional development in all disciplines involved.

The Geriatric Medicines Society e.V. aims for an interdisciplinary harmonization in medicines for older adults to the benefit of the patient, the health care systems as well as the society as such.

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