In April 2009 a group of experts from the industry and academia met in Frankfurt to discuss the implications of the demographic changes of the society on drug therapy. As a result of this meeting a “Geriatric Medicines Initiative” formed with the objective the thoroughly review the various aspects of geriatric drug therapy and summarize the results in a White Paper.

Creating awareness of Geriatric Medicines as a challenge of the society and constantly expanding the number of experts the Geriatric Medicines Initiative decided in March 2010 to officially form the “Geriatric Medicines Society” to serve as a multidisciplinary network place to address the challenge of medicines for older patients from a holistic perspective. On October 14, 2010 the Geriatric Medicines Society e.V. was officially registered in Aachen (Germany) and received it non-for-profit status in November 2010.

Figure: Various factors influencing geriatric drug therapy

Various factors influencing geriatric drug therapy

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